. “Hot spots” are an inflamed, raw and occasionally oozing mess on your pet 's skin. Diseases cause them and sit at first glance of your skin. They spread and can appear in a matter of hours. When they start, most dogs chew and lick them until they're really so raw and red they hurt and all the place coat is gone.


Dog hot spots is referred to as a round spot of tender, irritated skin that shows through to your furry friend. The most frequent areas are the paws, flank and legs of the dog its rump.


One cause is moisture that's trapped round the dog's skin on a prolonged interval. This can be matted, tangled coat-especially in dogs using a thick undercoat.


There is for dog hot spots a major cause allergies. Around 10 percent of allergies in dogs are due to the food they eat. Dog allergies usually are noticeable by 5 months old but they can even start with dogs and up.

Dogs may be allergic to corn, wheat, beef, chicken dairy, as well as lamb, almost anything they eat.

Holistic veterinarians say because your pet 's immune system is not strong allergies begin. Over exposure to exactly the same ingredient(s) .

Research has demonstrated that dog food allergies can really be the cause of your dog's hot spots.

After 2 weeks, the allergy symptoms, including the hot spots, disappeared.

What can you do to treat them? while the origin of the hotspots is your ultimate aim


Before the hotspot can heal, you must get Molly to quit licking and chewing onto it. Once you have use of the area there are 3 steps to begin the curing procedure:

1) Trim the pelt across the contaminated region

2) Boil water to get a cup of tea. Steep a routine black tea bag and allow it to cool. Once cooled, put it around the infected area. The tannins in the tea behave as the place that is infected to clean and soothe.

3) Place aloe vera gel onto it.

4) Cover the location so your dog can't keep licking and chewing the irritated place.

Repeat steps 2-4 3 times a day -3 days. After this, you keep the aloe covered for another day or two and can keep it on it.


To prevent Hot Spots on Dogs, keep your dog brushed and well groomed.

You might try changing your furry friend 's food to something without any of the ingredients in today's food if allergies seems to be the underlying cause. This may take a little research but is fairly doable.

Another chance is your pet is stressed and desires more playtime/exercise and attention or bored.

Best of luck with your dog's hot spots. They may be painful and hideous but using a tiny bit of effort you'll be able to help your pet cure.

It is vital to properly dress the hot spot to prevent the condition from becoming worse, when you do find a hot spot Going Here.

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